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RE--V: Jin Sanraku by Barasenpai RE--V: Jin Sanraku by Barasenpai
hhhh i got in-

 "You're all talk, aren't you?"


        ► N A M E
            Jin Sanraku

        ► A G E

        ► G E N D E R

        ► H E I G H T
            6'0" ; 183 cm

        ► W E I G H T
            180 lbs ; 82 kg

        ► B I R T H D A T E  &  S T A R  S I G N
            March 30th (Aries)

        ► D I S T R I C T
            Kyuujuuminku (旧住民区)

        ► E D U C A T I O N / J O B
            College Grad / Part-time Market Cashier lame  

        ► T E A M

        ► T A G  T A T T O O  L O C A T I O N


        ► A L L M A T E
            Name: Jou 
            Gender: Male
            Species: Ermine
            Personality: Active | Friendly | Loyal | Mischievous | Playful | Kind
                    Jou is a very playful and active allmate. He often runs around when he gets the chance to let out his energy. Unlike Jin, Jou is friendly and kind and loves meeting new people when he can. He's loyal towards everyone he's able to meet, but mostly towards Jin of course. Despite his friendly attitude so far, Jou can also be quite mischievous and loves to be a tease as well as causing small trouble, playfully of course. In spite of Jin and Jou's personality differences, the two still get along very well and have a tight connection between them. 


        ► P E R S O N A L I T Y
             Picky | Impudent | Strong-willed | Obstinate | Supercilious | Diligent | Conceited | Bold | Confident | Daring 
            When first meeting Jin, the man already comes off as supercilious, or one who's full of arrogance and pride, with the disrespect towards others. He's very hard to please or impress, causing him to be picky.The longer you know him, the more impudent, or rude, he gets. Jin literally radiates arrogance since he's so full of himself. Conceited, to be exact. Jin is very stubborn, he's hard to persuade and it's very difficult to get him on the same side with you, making him obstinate. He believes he's always right. So, whatever he says, goes.  

            Though, on the bright side, Jin can turn into a very diligent man if he has a dream he wishes to pursue. Being strong-willed causes him to refuse to back down to others without a fight. Which is good in a way because the man couldn't be stopped. He's bold, confident, and daring which allows him to take dangerous risks and stand up for himself. He's not afraid to throw punches if he needs to. 

        ► H I S T O R Y 
            Jin Sanraku was born and raised here in Kyuujuuminku. He was an only child who live with his parents. His mother being a teacher while his father being an office worker. His childhood was pretty normal, nothing wrong. Except, he was a rather quiet boy for his age; he'd rather stay in his room rather than play outside with the local children. No reason for this, he was just naturally a quiet and soft-spoken boy. 

            Though, by the time he reached age 11, he began being more open as well as assertive. He befriended the boys at school and lived a more healthier life by hanging out with his friends instead of locking himself up in his room. It wasn't long until one of his older friends introduced the boy to a game called Rhyme. Jin fell in love with the concept of it, it was just so.. cool, to be blunt. Sadly, he was disappointed to learn that one must be 13 or older to play; that totally shot him down but ever since then, he kept the game Rhyme glued to his mind. I guess you could say he was a little bit of a fanboy, Jin traveled around town, looking for Rhyme players and their allmates. Man, he can't wait to become a Rhyme player himself. Eventually, he spilled the beans of how interested he was in Rhyme to his parents, hoping they'd surprise him by getting him an allmate in the future. Though, he was still young so that wouldn't happen until a few years later. 

            He was a third year in high school, 17 years old, when that dream of his finally came true. Jin recieved an allmate, an ermine to be specific. It was something completely out of the blue, considering that his parents kept quiet about it. But his parents later told him that it was a gift from them and that when Jin first told them about Rhyme, they made a promise to get their son an allmate in the future. It did take a while for the two to bond, but after Jin got used to the allmate's personality, the two clicked. He named it Jou, something close to his name so that if they become popular Rhyme players in the future, people won't forget their names. Jou wasn't as tough looking compared to the allmates he's seen before, but Jin didn't mind. Just because you're tough looking, doesn't mean you're strong. So with some training, he believed he could be one of the strongest Rhyme players there is and of course along with his new allmate, Jou. 
Word Count: 437 words

        ► R E L A T I O N S H I P S 
            Jou: His allmate and one and only companion. Jou is the only one who is capable of making the man smile, their bond is very strong. Jin is very protective towards his allmate and because of that, he rarely lets anyone touch him, even if it was just a little pat on the head. 

            "Jou, the only one I need to start my day. He's the only one I consider a friend as of right now. We've known each other for 6 years now. Well.. okay, he can be a bit of a prick at times, since he thinks it's hilarious to snatch my food away while i'm not paying attention, but for the most part I love him. Him and I still have much training to go through before we're crowned one of the strongest Rhyme players, but I don't mind how long it takes as long as we get what we wanted in the end. Anyway, Jou.. our bond is strong, I love him, a lot. He's been with me through so many years.. but of course 6 years isn't long enough." 

        ► L I K E S & D I S L I K E S
            + Jou
            + Rhyme
            + Winning
           • + Hats
           • + Ice pops / Ice cream
           • + Smoking 
           • + Tattoos 
           • + Piercings 
           • + Gloves 

            - Losing
            - Being proven wrong 
            - Don't u dare touch his Jou
           • - When Jou snatches his food while he's not paying attention 
           • - His food being stolen in general
           • - Being called weak his only weakness 
           • - Perverts / flirty people are a big no no  


        ► A D D I T I O N A L  I N F O
             • Always wears his hat sideways cus hes a cool kat
             • Tattoo on his right shoulder
             • 4 earrings in total, 2 on each ear
             • He gets drunk rather easily, so he tries his best to stay away from alcohol
             • Determined to become one of the strongest Rhyme players there is
             • White haired animu boi 
             • cranky ass market cashier. like the squidward or something
             • He doesn't even know his own sexuality to be honest. so yeah, anyone could grab at him. 

        ► R O L E P L A Y  S A M P L E
            Coming soon!
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